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Vivax-Metrotech Vivax-Metrotech Camera Skids

Vivax-Metrotech Vivax-Metrotech Camera Skids

Camera Heads Size
Camera Skids
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Camera skids are devices that attach to the camera head to:

1) keep the camera head off the floor of the pipe, to help avoid pushing up debris and dirt on which will end up on the cameras lens blocking your view,

2) allow the camera LED lighting to function better by keeping the lights more centered in the pipe allowing a more even spread of light on the pipe walls and ahead and

3) provide protection to the camera head by giving a shoveling effect which allows the camera head to be lifted over offsets and objects which helps prevent the camera head from making direct contact with them.

And lastly the skids will help increase the pushing distance of the camera and pushrod by providing a more non-binding material to slide against plastic, clay, metal and cement pipes.

There are a variety of skids for specific uses and camera sizes.

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