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PipeCast™ Flex Polyurea Coating Part B (5 Gallon)

PipeCast™ Flex Polyurea Coating Part B (5 Gallon)

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PipeCast™ Flex is a fast-set, spray applied, two component polyurea that is 100% solids and contains Zero VOCs.

When cured, it is highlighted by:

  • Excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance even in sub- freezing weather
  • High abrasion resistance for harsh environments
  • Seamless monolithic waterproof membrane that is tough and durable
  • Odorless, non-toxic vapors


Application Recommendations:

PipeCast™ Flex adheres extremely well to properly prepared metal, wood, concrete, fiber glass, and other various metal surfaces. PipeCast™ Flex must be applied through a two component, high pressure proportioning unit.


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