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Cleaning Nozzles Kit (3 Nozzles)

Cleaning Nozzles Kit (3 Nozzles)

Hose Connector
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Standard Nozzle

Compact, lightweight and inexpensive are three words that sum up the Standard nozzle.  Made from stainless steel with a spray angle of 20° makes this nozzle perfect for cleaning smaller pipes.  A front jet for penetration is also available.

Chisel Nozzle

The Chisel Nozzle is a reliable sewer cleaning nozzle that is a must have! Sharp edges and multiple forward jets deliver powerful penetration to effectively open tough total blockages. A drill point can be added to the front of the Chisel as well.

Egg Nozzle 3D

With its contoured egg shaped design, this nozzle is perfect for mobility in the pipe. The smooth Egg shape combined with 20° rear propulsion jets enables the nozzle to slide easily down the pipe. 3D Fluid Mechanics deliver water that efficiently and effectively cleans while propelling the nozzle forward.

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